COVID-19 Patient FAQs

What Is The Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called Coronavirus.

How I can avoid catching / spreading the virus?

The Government has issued a statement advising everyone to stay at home to help stop the spread of Coronavirus; this includes people of all ages – even if you do not have symptoms or other health conditions.

You can only leave your home:

  • To shop for basic essentials – only when you really need to
  • To do one form of exercise a day – such as a run, walk or cycle, alone or with other people you live with
  • For any medical need – for example, to visit a pharmacy or deliver essential supplies to a vulnerable person
  • To travel to and from work – but only where this is absolutely necessary

The NHS have also created a video on how to wash your hands properly:

Is There Any Guidance About Staying At Home?

Yes, the NHS has produced a stay at home guide:

Do I Need To Contact My GP Or NHS 111 To Advise That I’m Self-isolating?

You do not need to contact anyone to advise you are staying at home. You should stay at home if you have either:

  • A high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • A new, continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly

Who Do I Speak To If I Need Advice Or My Symptoms Worsen?

You can use the NHS 111 online Coronavirus service ( if:

  • You feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home
  • Your condition gets worse
  • Your symptoms do not get better after 7 days

How Do I Get A Note For My Employer If I’m Self-isolating?

You can use the NHS 111 online service to obtain a self-isolation note:

I Am Self-isolating, Living Alone But Need Assistance, Can Anyone Help?

Derby City Council has launched a Community Support Hub that you can contact for assistance, whether it is grocery shopping, prescription / medication collection etc. you can contact them via telephone: 01332 640 000 – Monday to Friday – 09:30 – 16:30 or e-mail:

The Community Support Hub is also looking for volunteers; if you’re interested please contact them via telephone or e-mail.

Where Do I Stand If I Want To Self-isolate Due To Being ‘at risk’ But Neither Myself Nor My Household Have Symptoms?

We are recommending that you speak to your employer about your situation and why you are at risk to see if they can put alternative measures in place to support you. NHS 111 and GP Practices are unable to provide you with self-isolation notes or sick notes for this purpose.

Am I / I am At High Risk, How Can I Protect Myself?

The Government has produced guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19:
The GP won’t be able to advise you whether or not you are at risk and subsequently whether or not you should be at work.

I Am Pregnant, What Should I Do?

The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists have created a Question & Answer article:

I Have Asthma / COPD And Would Like A Rescue Pack, Can My GP Provide This?

If you’re normally advised to have a rescue pack available to treat your lung condition you should check you have one at home. Rescue packs are not recommended as standard for Asthma patients.

The British Lung Foundation has produced a guide on ‘Managing COPD flare-ups’:

Asthma UK has produced a guide ‘Health advice for people with Asthma’:

Can I Get Hand Sanitiser / PPE On Prescription?

No, the NHS cannot and will not be issuing prescriptions for hand sanitisers or any other PPE equipment such as masks, gloves etc.

How Can I Request My Repeat Prescription?

There are many ways you can request your medication:

  • NHS Medicines Order line – 01158 550260 – Monday to Friday – 08:00 – 16:00
  • Online Services (SystmOnline)
  • Practice website

Please note we won’t be accepting requests for over the counter medications because a supermarket or Pharmacy is out of stock.

Can I Make An Appointment With My GP Or Nurse?

We are currently only offering telephone and / or video consultations for our patients. You should not attend the Practice unless a clinician has asked you to do so.

I Am Worried / Anxious, Can I Get Any Support?

Yes there are many services that can support you, some of which are:
Trent PTS – self-referral via telephone 01332 265 659 or online referral form:

Samaritans – you can contact a Samaritan via telephone 116 123 or e-mail:

Domestic Abuse: Where to Get Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Polite Reminder:

If you have requested a telephone / video consultation with one of our clinicians please ensure your phone will accept calls from a blocked or unknown number. Thank you in advance.

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