Long Term Condition Reviews – Important Update

A ‘Long Term Condition’ is any medical condition for which a person has to take regular medication or receive regular monitoring in order to make sure the condition remains well controlled. This can include conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Kidney Disease and Hypertension amongst many others.

As a Practice we are updating the way in which we process these reviews, with a view to making the process easier to manage as a patient. We hope this will help to reduce the amount of time patients are having to spend trying to contact the Practice, as we understand this can sometimes be difficult, as we move to manage both your review and any information we need to gather from you prior to this review electronically.

When your review is due you will receive a series of text messages from the Practice, some of which will ask you to complete a short online questionnaire relating to your condition (please be aware, if you have more than one condition you may be sent multiple questionnaires). It’s really important for our records and to conduct your review properly that you complete ALL of these questionnaires and answer the questions honestly.

We understand the worry of opening messages with links that you don’t recognise, which is why we will always send you a message first to let you know that these are coming out to you from us. We are also aware of technology limitations, and if you are unable to receive or complete these electronic questionnaires, we are working hard to have supports in place to help.

If you need to be seen face to face at the Practice, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. Otherwise, you may receive some requests for blood or urine tests through the post. We will always send you a message prior to these coming out, and also at any point we action anything throughout your review, so you are kept fully updated all throughout the process.

Whilst we fully implement this process it may mean in some instances, as a one off, you may be called slightly earlier than you were expecting or have to wait slightly longer for your review, but rest assured the process will even itself out so you will then be called at regular annual intervals.

Your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us, so for those patients who are having to wait a little longer for your full Long Term Conditions Review, we will call you for an Interim Review in the mean time to make sure you are always monitored properly and your medication can continue to be issued as usual.

If you are aware you have a Long Term Condition please ensure your contact details, particularly your mobile number, are up to date on your Practice records. We are extremely appreciative of your patience and support whilst we implement this new process.