Telephone System Update

We are now working hard with our new telephone provider Think Healthcare to ensure the new system is up and running from 1st July 2021. Here’s a list of a few of the functions you can expect from our new system:

  • Queue bust with automatic call back – E.g. if you call the surgery at number 10 in the queue you can choose an option which allows you to hang up and receive a call back when you get to number 1 or 2 in the queue.
  • Dedicated appointment cancelling option. We have a high number of patients not attending appointments, we hope this function we allow patients to easily cancel their appointment and allow us to offer those appointments out to another patient and ensure they are not wasted.
  • Integration with the clinical system – This will allow our staff to recognise the patient calling and ensure contact details are kept up to date, it will help our staff handle calls more quickly and efficiently.
  • With the integration function this will flag any patient alerts – E.g. this will flag to our staff if a patient is eligible for a flu vaccine, overdue a review or hard of hearing which should aid in improved patient care.
  • Staff calling patients will automatically dial from the system which should reduce human error and speed up the process allowing more patients to be contacted.

We are aware our current phone system is problematic and it can be difficult for patients to get through at times, we hope the new phone system will help provide an improved service to our patients. We are also still increasing our clinical and non-clinical teams to ensure we have the appropriate amount of staff to deal with the patient demand. More information will follow in another post to inform you of some our new staff and additional clinical posts within the practice.

Thank you